Speak Agent offers ready-made, customizable content and language integration products to supplement your Math, Reading, Science, and Dual-Language programs.

Speak Agent is a research-based digital teaching platform that accelerates learning the language of content and academic concepts. Less than one hour of use per week has been shown to triple the rates of STEM concept mastery and of Reading/ELA standards mastery.


math Speak Agent Math develops mathematical concept knowledge and communication skills, from basic operations through algebra, geometry, and statistics. It includes activities that connect challenging math concepts with engaging storytelling and collaborative 5E learning.



scienceSpeak Agent Science integrates academic language with physical and life sciences content such as biology, ecology, and geology, helping students to learn complex new concepts.



reading-academic-textsSpeak Agent Reading includes improves reading performance and engagement with reading among elementary and middle-grade students. It also includes a scaffolded writing component.



earthSpeak Agent offers cross-disciplinary support for dual-language and bilingual programs in Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. We are capable of supporting 20 languages in all!