Speak Agent offers ready-made, customizable content and language toolkits for Math, Science, ELA, and Dual-Language programs.

Speak Agent is a research-based digital teaching tool that accelerates learning the language of content and academic concepts. Just 30 minutes of use per week has been shown to accelerate STEM concept mastery by 210%. Ongoing research is finding similar gains in Reading.

Math Toolkit

mathSpeak Agent's math literacy toolkit develops communication skills in the context of the math classroom. It includes activities that connect challenging math concepts with engaging storytelling and collaborative 5E learning.


Science Toolkit

scienceSpeak Agent's language of science toolkit integrates language and content in physical and life sciences subjects such as biology, ecology, and geology, helping students to learn complex new concepts.


ELA Toolkit

reading-academic-textsSpeak Agent's English Language Arts toolkit includes dialogic reading, speaking, read-along, and co-writing activities that connect interactive language activities with your targeted skills and content knowledge.


Dual-Language and Bilingual

earthSpeak Agent offers cross-disciplinary support for dual-language and bilingual programs in Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. We are capable of supporting 20 languages in all!