The Most Flexible, Effective, and Scalable Academic Language Learning Toolkit You Will Ever Meet

Get results without adding to teacher burden, reworking schedules, modifying lesson plans, or sacrificing quality. Speak Agent drives learning outcomes at scale by adapting to your curriculum, your current practice, and your needs. 

Deliver Academic Language Learning Centered Around Students and Teachers

Academic language learning technology

Align Academic Language Resources to Any Course or Subject

Use Speak Agent as a digital companion with English language arts, math, reading, programming, science, social studies, or even career and technical education. With Speak Agent, students can start learning with an interactive program tailored to your curriculum and standards in a matter of weeks—or even days! It's an incredibly flexible digital platform that supports any curriculum, any ESL or dual-language program model, and any classroom environment or afterschool program.

Win Each and Every Day

Here's how it works:
  1. Your teachers use their planning time or a coffee break to review a two-page lesson plan provided along with their Speak Agent digital lesson. Each plan includes a vocabulary set, activity descriptions and time estimates, evidence-based strategies and prompts, recommended practice modes, and equipment or preparation needs.
  2. Based on factors such as the current unit's learning objectives, past student progress, scheduling, attendance, and equipment, each teacher can decide which lesson and activities to use today. 
  3. Your teachers can launch and moderate group activities—or let students work independently or in pairs on existing assignments and use the time to help struggling students.
  4. Students login with a PIN and find assigned lessons with games and activities awaiting them. They see completed lessons and activities marked off so that it is clear what has already been done.
  5. Within each academic language and vocabulary game or activity, progress is saved so that students do not have to start over each time they return. They can build upon their prior work, while teachers may monitor progress.