Dual-Language and Bilingual

Speak Agent offers multi-language support across core content areas.


Speak Agent is a research-based digital teaching tool that accelerates learning the core content and concepts. Just 30 minutes of use per week has been shown to accelerate STEM and ELA concept mastery by 210%. Speak Agent consists of easy-to-implement modules that are tailored to fit your scope, sequence, and pacing. Each module consists of digital lessons and interactive learning activities that integrate reading texts with the language needed to understand it.

Multi-Language Toolkit Description

All activities in Speak Agent support dual-language and bilingual programs across K-8 core content areas. We support Spanish, French, Chinese, and many other languages! Use Speak Agent with multi-language Math, Science, and ELA programs!

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New Customer Program

The program is an opportunity to evaluate Speak Agent in a high-fidelity implementation that is likely to produce measurable results. The program also includes professional learning and coaching to develop your team's use of research-based strategies and best practices in the classroom. Please schedule a call with us to discuss your goals and priorities!